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Rewalon is the microgifting service that allows to send clients a cup of coffee, ice cream, cake and many more from top brands instantly.
Why my company needs it?
Finally rewarding clients bacame an easy task - it’s fast, simple and inexpensive. Reward for desired action from the client, build stronger relationships by letting the client know you care and increase you brand likability by sending a small but valuable gift. You reduce your efforts, but increase client loyalty. Select a personal gift for your client from hundreds of options by type and value.
Rewalon is used by
How it works?
Send gifts to your clients anytime and at any occasion via SMS or e-mail from Rewalon website. API for direct integration with your CRM system is available as well.
A gift is sent as a redeemable and unique code. The recipient “exchanges” the code to the gift at any merchant venue - coffee shop, pizzeria, ice cream shop.
Choose gifts for your client group and send them instantly.
You’ll be able to analyze reports of the gifting process in a real time on Rewalon dashboard
All codes are unique and cannot be redeemed twice.
Available gifts
We renew the gift list constantly. Contact us for the latest one.
How much does it cost?
Gifts are available are at the same price as on the merchants menu.
Gifty, UAB
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Lenktoji g. 1, Kalviškių k., Vilniaus r.
Adresas korespondencijai:
Laisvės pr. 71A, Vilnius 07189
Phone: +370 5 2032967
Company code: 302704173
Our investors
Gifty, UAB raised capital from venture capital fund, operated by Practica Capital, using the structural support for the 2007-2013 economic growth program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Online Venture yra Lenkijos fondas investuojantis privatų kapitalą į mobilaus ir interneto komercijos produktus.
Gifty app for personal use
Download the FREE Gifty app and send gifts to your friends instantly straight from your phone! It's fast and simple.
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